Who are we?

At Strange Matter Studios, we are invested in rebuilding and improving upon the 3D action MOBA genre. Most of us were passionate Paragon players and desire to see the game reach the potential we all knew it had.

Our philosophy is that the gameplay and game mechanics are foremost. This means we spend our primary efforts making the game run smooth, feel good, and designing mechanics that engage players at every skill level. This includes enough mechanical depth for competitive-level decision-making and strategies, as well as opportunities for skill-expression in ranked play. In games like Fault, each match should be an engaging opportunity to grow in mastery of your favorite heroes and game mechanics.


When will I be able to play?
We plan to start closed Alpha in December. To enter the lottery for an alpha key, simply make a player account on our website. If you would like to be considered for a play tester position, see the #open-positions text room on our discord. We expect to enter paid early access on May 8th 2020. This means servers will be running 24/7 and anyone who supports the game will be able to play. Price not yet determined.

How can we support the project?
Share us with your friends! And when we are comfortable asking for money, you can consider supporting us financially to help us reach our goals.

What are you working on right now?
See our Trello roadmap

Who are the current playable heroes?
Lt. Belica

When does Fault come to my region?
We are based in NA and that is where all internal tests and the beginning of the closed alpha will be hosted. We have already set up servers for EU, but we need to ensure that splitting our player base will not create intolerable matchmaking times, so we will be announcing EU server release sometime during the closed alpha. Asia and South America shouldn't be far behind, provided there is enough interest and we are successful in the initial regions.

What about PS4 / Xbox?
We hope to make this possible as soon as we can, but it's going to require a lot of success on PC first. Stay tuned.